Number 5 for the heroic Lion

A Story of One Three Winners of The $448 million Powerball Jackpot

Powerball winner Paul white always believed and had the feeling that the mega lottery luck might one day shine on him. Paul has been a regular player over the years who faith in lottery, he has been trying his luck with lottery for over 20 years hope that this day would one day come and luckily for him it came. Paul was a project engineer from Ham Lake who worked for Minneapolis electrical contractor and also a divorced father of two teenagers, who was one of the three of the giant $448 million draw on 7th August, 2013. He worked on major projects within the area including the Twins’ Target Field and the University of Minnesota’s TCF Bank Stadium but after this life-changing event Paul’s working days came to end.

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The 45 year old winner on the day of issuing the tickets almost did nearly forget to play Powerball and purchase his quick pick tickets but he’d get them at the very last minute at the “Harbor” store in Ham Lake, I guess this was the moment where God intervene. On the day the Powerball lucky numbers were announced Paul was at his office when his girlfriend, Kim VanReese rang him at his office to tell him that the lucky numbers were out and it was announced that one of the winners was from Minnesota. Kim also told him that the Powerball number was 32 and he surely did remember two of his tickets carry the Powerball number 32. He quickly went online to check the numbers; to his surprise he was holding one of the three tickets. The lucky numbers that were drawn on the Wednesday night were 5, 25, 30, 58, 59, and Powerball 32. Each winning ticket was worth $86 million before taxes or $58.3 million after taxes.

This jackpot drawing comes only a few months after the biggest Powerball jackpot in history, a $590 million jackpot won by an 84 year old widow, Gloria Mckenzie in Florida. And for Minnesota, this was the 7th Powerball jackpot win. Paul later got himself a rare Acura NSX sports car later that year and bought his dad a 1963 Chevy Impala, which was the first car his dad owned.

But tragic took a swing by later in 2018, Paul was injured with his girlfriend’s 18 year old daughter was killed when a alleged drunk driver slammed into the van carrying them home from a spring training game.

The accused, Nisbany Surit Garcias, 30, faced charge including manslaughter, cause of serious bodily injuries and damage to property which left one dead and 14 others injured. During the accident, the van tumbled over and a young teenager was thrown from the vehicle. This young woman Lauren VanReese gave up the ghost at the scene.

As there doesn’t seem to be any spiritual or esoteric significance about the number it’s highly likely that Paul White invoked this win without any real connection to the spiritual forces that rule the world. If you look at his style he was very sure that he would win. Hopefully the injury wasn’t significant and the story of Paul White at least means that there are an infinite way to win the lottery, including self-confidence. As the win took place in August, the sign of Leo, radical sunpower was involved. This is very clear as there are four fives in the winning row; five if you sum up the powerball number. Five is the number of Leo in the zodiac. However, when sun-power is used to win you might get some mild burns.

If you watch the video with Paul White then you can see he is a proud Lion who was absolutely convinced he would win. This is a story of self-confidence and favor declared. He manifested the win with unshakeable belief. He changed his destiny and the destiny of his family with his belief that he would win the lottery. This man is worthy of all his money as well as our deepest respect. Mr White did something fantastic. He is an American hero.

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Number 13 scores 191 million dollars

A Judge Won The $291 million Powerball Jackpot

On the 2nd of March, 2016 a Pennsylvania judge stormed the media when he acquired the mega-million lucky ticket on his trip to Florida. The Pennsylvania judge, James Stocklas, aged 62 fell upon fortunes when he went for a fishing trip with his brother and sis in law to Florida. After a long ride one month vacation, the Senior District Judge James Stocklas had enjoyed the sun and fun of Florida and was anxious to get back home to his main residence in Bethlehem. When he got home he had a few hours of sleep and little did he know that he was going to wake up a multi-millionaire.

On that faithful Friday morning, he had plans to go visit his favourite Bethlehem diner for breakfast and then decided to check the internet with his phone to see if anyone had won the massive Powerball lottery.  Lo and behold to his surprise he was the one person with the mega-million jackpot ticket. His jaw dropped when he saw that there was only one winning ticket that had been purchased in the same store where he bought his in Florida. He found out that he had won a lottery in Florida while he was in Pennsylvania. He acquired some tickets for $10 at store in Florida where he went to get some ice with two of his friends.  When he checked the numbers he couldn’t just stop shaking, he started shaking and bought everyone in the diner breakfast. The lucky numbers were 12, 13, 44, 52, 62 and Powerball 6.

James Stocklas travelled back to Florida to claim his prize in a private jet that cost him a bill of $20,000 but he never care since he was on his way to take his $291 million. He opted for a one time, lump sum payment of $191,470,307.58 after taxes. James shared his winnings with his friends who ended up with $40 million each and much of the day was a blur of signing papers. James told the court administrators that he’d be taking a break and will return to work on the 1st of April, which was not an April fool’s joke.

James used the money to help his family and set up several trust funds. He also did donate of his winning to charities. James never expected that a routine stop at a convenience store for some ice could turn around his life and that of his friends forever. However, he didn’t quit his job like most people of his age would have and he is still a senior district judge in the Northampton County.

The winning numbers that created the 191 million dollars were: 13, 44 and Powerball 6. 44 is a quadruple 11 and is the second key to the big win.

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A Fifty Year Old Woman Steps To Claim Her Prize

Julie Leach was a Michigan factory supervisor, who quit her job on the 30th September, 2015. This day was a life-changing one for a woman who was aged 50. Her past working life before the life-turning event was considered horrible as she worked night shifts as a factory supervisor. Julia Leach from Three Rivers was a mother of three who had 11 grandchildren and was low wage earner received the shock of her life when she discovered that she had just won the mega-million Powerball lottery jackpot. She bought the ticket at a Shell station in her hometown of Three Rivers on the day of the drawing at exactly 6:30 at night when she decided to just try her luck again and this time the god of luck and blessings seemed to be just passing by. When she was about to refill her tank and she decided to get $20 worth of lottery tickets and went to work.

Julie Leach said she was having another bad night at work when she decided to go to the McDonald to have some small chops when she decided to check her lottery ticket just for the sake of checking cause she wasn’t expecting to win. And then she just discovered that her night has just turned from a bad one into a life transforming one she was overwhelmed was she found that her ticket was graced with the winning numbers. After checking the numbers and discovered that she was the person in the whole United States with the lucky ticket she said she couldn’t still believe it so she had to go back to work and confirm with a couple of people to check if she was just having some blissful illusions or if she was truly the winner.

Eventually, it turned out that she was the winner of the Powerball lottery mega-million jackpot. She took a couple of her favorite colleagues out to celebrate a little. She went back home to tell her partner Vaughn Avery, who work at a metal casing factory about the win. Because of the party she came in really late, Avery was asleep she woke him up to tell him about their victory but he thought she was kidding and replied “Please, I really need to go back to bed to get up for work” and Julian told him that he would never go to work again. Julian didn’t go to sleep for over 30 hours after discovering her windfall.

She quit her job at a fiberglass factory named Aquatic upon hearing of her victory. The lucky numbers that granted the prize were 21, 39, 40, 55, 59 and the Powerball number was 17. She claimed a onetime payment of $197 million before taxes. Julian was recorded the third Powerball winner in Michigan history, with Donald Lawson $337 million in 2012 and $128.6 million paid to Team Victory in 2010. Leach’s jackpot was the second largest of the year. She invested the money by secure lands and built her kids houses of their own.

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Once again we see a relationship to water – this time the winner was working at factory named Aquatic. Also 17 is a very significant number in Sweden. It forms it’s own expression there, sometimes used as a final number. Powerball 17 is certainly notable here. As is 39 with it’s relation ship to the Journey to Oz and 55 that is five times 11 the waterbearer. The final combination however appears to be as random as ever. Obviously a few numbers makes no case for anything else than trivia.

The story about a common factory worker that hits big on the lottery is of course inspiring for many players.

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Ignore the odds – just win

When playing the lottery you probably don’t want to know the chances of winning. The number combinations are staggering. If you do win you will have to pay a lot of taxes. However, you can use the universal force of luck, the plenum, to claim your lottery winnings. If you are 60 or older you would probably have to take the lump sum option. After all you don’t know how long you will live. After winning your lottery jackpot money you could buy a ranch like Neal Wanless or go for a quest of world improvement like the Rosenau’s couple and Nickel95. You could also make your family independent like Michigans Donald Lawson.

Lawson who won his jackpot on Powerball the 15th August 2012 had been playing for a long time. When picking the winning numbers Lawson said he was “guided from above”. He took the lump sum of over 158 million dollars after taxes.

Don’t you feel it’s time for your lottery drawing soon? Unless you have a ticket you can’t win…

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Big Lottery Jackpot Winners 2017

2017 was another great year for the people who got to secure a hefty sum of money in the Powerballs and Megamillions. It is not that only one got the whole money but was shared among the others as well. Powerballs and Megamillions were the great and major wind were recorded in the year of 2017. You have no idea when luck will support you and turn your fate upside down. With the increasing popularity of these two lottery jackpots many people got a chance to secure some great sum. Well, a few of the people who undoubtedly got lucky include the following

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$759 Powerball Jackpot

Mavis Wanczyk, from chicopee, Massachusetts had no idea that she would turn out lucky by winning such a huge amount. The lottery officials further added that this was the biggest win in the history ever recorded. After the tax deduction, she took the cash prize of $336 million and quit her job. She was heading for work when she received the news and was shocked by it.


$24 million win

This was one of the most bizzare incidents for the price. Jimmie Smith had purchased the tickets but forget where he kept it. On forcing to check the pockets this man searched it and finally found that he won $24 million. Great enough that he found his ticket by May 23 and stood the winner while had he been 2 days late, he would have had to leave the money.


$10 million in scratch off

Not all of us are lucky enough to get such hefty amount. But Woody Simmons from Virginia turned out to be one of those lucky men who secured $10 million just by scratch off game. On receiving the price amount from Virginia’s Lottery Extreme Millions game, the man turned out screaming, crying and enjoying his great victory. He took home about $6.6 million.



Which this may not appear to be a big win to many but to a teen it is. A teen from Michigan won the $500K lottery and gave it to his parents. He bought the ticket from Sunoco gas station or North Williamson Road from Williamson. He had purchased the tickets in early March but spent out spilling some great wind. To help his friends manage the finances, he gave off the overall money to them.


Like other times, 2017 too recorded some great wins. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that these people were extremely lucky.

Big Jackpot Lottery Winners 2016

Winning a lottery is a complete matter of luck. Just by a slightest of the chance you may be able to to get ahead of the other in no time while the other person won’t have any idea of it. In fact, winning small lotteries also seem to be huge for people but the utter shock comes when people get to secure over millions of dollars. History has been a proof that most of the people have turned millionaire overnight owing to the huge sum guaranteed by the lottery jackpots such as Megamillions and Powerball. While most people are concerned of it being illegal, it is actually legal since the ones receiving the cash prizes are handed over the money after the deduction of taxes to the government.

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The winners

Like every year, in 2016 too the lottery was conducted and undoubtedly the winners were the ones who were utterly shocked of their achievements. Well, some of the prominent winners who were swept off the floor by winning such huge amounts in the lottery include the following

$1.6 billion Powerball win

This was the largest jackpot win in the history of Powerball. However, this prize money was shared among a trip. The result was declared in January 13, 2016. While two of the winners soon turned up to claim their prize immediately after the results, the third winner from the San Bernardino County took about 6 months to come forward. They had finally claimed for their prize in July 19th. John and Lisa Robinson were also among the winners. They carried home the cash sum of $327.8 million. Another winner was the couple from Florida who claimed their price through Nickel 95.

$540 million

Not much information has been available for this ticket. However, as per the statement of the lottery officials, there was only one single winning prize for this ticket number. An anonymous person had purchased the ticket from Indiana and the prize was declared in July 8, 2016.

$487 million

This is yet another massive win which cannot missed out due to the high winning prize. This prize amount was won only by one single winner. The ticket was purchased during the Saturday Powerball Jackpot as per the lottery officials. The ticket was purchased at New Hampshire.

$429.6 million

On 7th May a winner was selected from New Jersey for this massive win. As per the records, this is one of the highest recorded individual win and the single biggest winning ticket in the history. Nonetheless, the records for this lottery broke in the coming years.

Big Jackpot Lottery Winners 2015

Winning a lottery is simple but actually getting to it is hard. It is all a matter of luck and you never know Good Fortune may bestow the blessings when and on whom. Every year several of tickets are sold to the people but not all get the chance to be the standing winners. There are people who have been purchasing the tickets since a long time from 20 years and so on but get no chance or luck does not favour them. However there are such people too who get to grab the opportunity and prize amount in their first go. But not all of us are lucky enough to be so.

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Like every year, 2015 too saw some great or rather mega wins in the Megamillions and Powerball. All these were exceptional wins. Some of these were single wine while some were shared wins. In such cases most people prefer to carry the prize money and hence they are given it by deducting the tax prizes which makes it safe and legal. Most of the winners after winning it, tend to quit their jobs too.


$1.5 billion

Three people had won over this ticket and undoubtedly the winners were great. Some of the tickets that secured this major win were sold out at Chino Hills, California, Munford, Tennessee and Melbourne Beach, Florida as per the reports of the officials. The secured prize money was further divided among the people. After the declaration of the prize amount, the news was given out the state lottery officials. One of the person who sold out the ticket in Chino Hills, Balbir Atwal said that it was ‘very exciting’ to have sold out a ticket which secured such a massive win. Nonetheless, Balbir too had prize coming in his store when he received a bonus amount of $1 million just to sell the tickets. The win was secured in January 13, 2015.


$564 million

Yet again this win was secured for the Powerball. The prize money and the results were declared on 11 February, 2015. This was the second biggest win of the year in Powerball lottery jackpots. One of the winners was single mom working at Walmart from North Carolina. She had been working at different places just to afford the livelihood of her kids. One of the winning tickets remained anonymous but the purchase of the tickets were made from Puerto Rico. Another winner stood out to be Andrew Weber who claimed the prize from Texas.