BMX Movie? No, make that MBX Mobie!

MBX Mobie is not BMX Movie

Google and other search engines is still sleeping on MBX and Mobie Networks. When you are searching for MBX Mobie you get BMX Movie instead – and that is clearly not what you are looking for.

That said, it is too early to say if the Mobie Network App is the App to rule all crypto and all payments. I suppose Google Pay and Apple Pay ultimately might defeat Mobie Pay.
If Brandon Burgason and his Mobie Network are to succeed sending MBX to the top of the crypto pyramid it will first has to be dissociated from BMX racing and movies.
I suppose other points of confusions are the similarities with MBOX – Mobox and MBL Moviebloc. There are also coins with the name of Mobit Global, Mirrored Bitcoin and MicroBitcoin finance.

The BX suffix might be a bit too similar to BXC- Bitcoin Classic or more farfetched: UBIX.
If all goes well Mobie Networks will become a household name and paying with Mobie will be as common as paying with Paypal, Mastercard or Visa.
The potential of Mobie actually becoming larger than the old fintech giants one day is not out of the question.

Mobie – the name of the game.