Fellow Underdogs

I have started watching a channel called “Crypto Crew University”. The host of the program promises “less stress and more success”, by focusing on the facts in the charts. Just the facts, not emotions.

The channel is showing candle stick charts to help you buy and sell at the right moment.

There is a message in the end of each program:

“Peace and love to the fellow Underdogs…”

Of course, that eventually made me search the net for Underdog and that’s how I found Underdog Finance.

Now, I don’t know if I always can remain level-headed like Steve says, but his community is certainly friendly and if destiny has some irony Underdog Finance might actually take off! It has as far as I know not any connection to Steves Crypto Crew University though…

Well, anyway Steve’s channel is really helpful and almost unreal sometimes – before watching Crypto Crew University I had never heard of Gravestone Dojis and Red Dragonflies, that is for sure…

A user called Mark Lay wrote on the 9th of August 2021 that he had been watching Steve’s Crypto Crew University for 5(!) years and his take away from Steve’s show seems to be to remain calm and stay level-headed. He says Steve’s show help him to calm down, go slower. He also wrote that his wife a psychologist tips him to tap into your rational mind. Then we make wiser decisions.

I suppose my interest for search engines and algoritms are my way to deal with emotions and feelings that show up, but I am not 100% convinced that the rational mind goes beyond intuition. Did Ingo Swann use his rational mind when he performed his remote viewing? I don’t think so.

When it comes to Steve he does project calm and reason, but I think his great success with his channel (currently 206.000 subscribers) have a lot to do with his intuition as well. I think that guys like Steve would become awesome psychics if they put their mind to it.

Uganda is famous for its connection to the crypto market and I wouldn’t be surprised if Ian Balina wont he nobelprize in Economics 2044 or something like that. His company might one day be as big as Coinbase.

Do you see any connection between Lake Victoria and Vindoria? I do find it interesting that Uganda actually is north of Lake Victoria and as you might know Lake Victoria is pretty much the soul of Africa in my opinion.

Yes, this is far fetched, but a lot of remarkable things are far fetched. Did Jesus rise up Lasarus from the dead or is it just a methapor? Was Jesus swooned on the cross or did he actually rise?

I’m getting a bit out here, but if you watch Steve’s channel and mine the comments you will find things crazier than Uganda being the oversoul of Africa I tell you. GreenDrink Guy wrote the 9th of August in response to the Crypto Crew Video about slips from Steve’s “super-conscious-mind”. So I am not the only one seeing that Steve has a super-concsiousness! Another user Isaac S calls Steve a “legend”.

When it comes to prediction they not always come true, but since I had my dream about Victoria Lake I have by “zufall” met two people from Burundi and won a friend from Rwanda. It would be amazing for me if people from these two small countries – Burundi and Rwanda, did find their way to Underdog Finance and made themselves fortune with it! Stay level-headed, this is very far-fetched and not financial advice!

However, small countries like Rwanda, Burundi and El Salvador should not be discounted. Many focus only on the big powers like USA and China, and miss out on opportunties in smaller countries. However, just like opportunities in smaller countries might be bigger for you and me, the opportunities in smaller cryptos are as well…

Word of warning:

While AI still holds Underdog Finance as well as Hippo Token (HIP Cycan community) as future winners it does not believe in Babydot. AI should not be trusted to 100% however. When it comes to surefire winners from AI-land they not always pan out. Losers can become winners and winners become losers…

Crypto Crew University might wish “peace and love to fellow underdogs”, but has as far as I know not any connection what so ever to Underdog Finance.

Just as my dreams often turn out to be “nothing burgers”, crypto projects often meet the same grim destiny….

That’s all for now in this world of constant attractions and distractions my dear fellow underdogs! Blessed be and keep on wishing and dreaming, but balance your wishes and dreams with rational actions and realistic ambitions.