The Difference (Search Engines vs Meta Search Engines)

Search engines were the only kind of internet search engines that we had that could make searching and surfing the internet much easier and better for its users. Along the way, it was noticed that these search provided different results based on their databases and therefore it needed some corrections, one that can enable the internet users get a very complex view of the internet despite its database.

Meta search engine was the key to solving this problem. It is a search tool that makes use of other search engine’s data to produce its own results; that is, it collects information from different databases.

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This list will do terrible things to your mind – don’t try to figure out all the algorithms these monsters use please. Just attune to the higher mind and trust your feelings.

Meta Search Engines

  • iBoogie

The iBoogie Meta search engine is one that uses various filters to produce and display information. It also provides you with the feature of choosing the amount of results that you wish to see on one page.

  • Mamma

This is also an amazing Meta search engine but the iBoogie is better. This is a great search engine to use when searching for latest news, images or videos. It grabs better information from other search engines on these specified areas.

  • Dogpile

This Meta search engine was developed by Infospace LLC. Dogpile doesn’t support any other search engine expect from the giants of the game which are Google and yahoo. It’s really one of the best Meta search engine that you can find out there. And the Infospace LLC claims that their product, Dogpile, has over 50% of more information than any other meta search engines.

  • Clusty

This Meta search engine has a user interface that look really good because of its simplicity. This is a search engine that is focused on clustering results that makes viewing them at a glance much easier.

  • Ixquick

This search engine is one that highlights privacy as its distinguishing feature. It definitely searches for everything and automatically doesn’t allow tracking of IP address and cookies.

  • Symbaloo

The Symbaloo Meta search engine is often regarded as the social media search engine. It generates its results from the Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, and Gmail, even including the WordPress, Wallmart and eBay.

  • io

This search engine delivers very different and refined outcomes to its users. This is highly recommended for person in search of Jobs, Blogs, People, Music, E-Books and Fonts. Of this recent time, it is considered o be the most useful meta-search engine because technology has brought its users closer to the media than any other aspect of it.

  • Turbo Scout

Turbo is also known as one of the biggest meta search engine in the world as it gets information and data from other meta search engines like Dogpile, Mamma, Vroosh, etc. It allows users to search for images, news, blogs, web, videos, etc and also provide more data than any other Meta search engine.


This is as one of the best and most prolific Meta search engines that one can find online these day. This Meta search engine provides you with a stylish and refreshing look of your search. It provides its users with ton load of information from Google, Google images, Google news, yahoo, bing,,, daily motion, LinkedIn, including New York Times and other social medium and search engines.

This search engine that was created by Cnet has been tagged with the title of being the most interactive Meta Search engine available. shows very different set of search results due to the difference in its origin or source of information. This search engine does not only make use of the Google databases but also gathers data from other major search engines like Ask jeeves, MSN, Yahoo, Bing etc.

This search engine provides its data from the four major serach engines and they are; Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Yandex. It has a very beautiful UI (User Interface) and by combining these four, provides you with the best and most useful set of data because since it using the four databases then I will show you the information that each of them have uniquely. Thus, you see better and accurate search results.


This is the one and only search engine that has been equipped with the super ability of granting its users to option of choosing preferred search engine to getting better results. The PolyMeta search engine gets results from almost all search engines including Google, Bing, AOL,, MSN, Baidu and many more.


This is also a very fast and reliable Meta search engine that operates and delivers its search results based on Yahoo, Bing, Gigablast and Entireweb. This meta search engine has been known to be the best for business related searches and results.


A search engine that collects data from Google, Yahoo and Bing databases. has a very unique and significant graphical style that illustrates where results are gathered from and which database was used. primarily uses and gets it search from the EntireWeb. But this search engine can also generate some results from Search Hippo, Ask Jeeves and Exactseek.

This is a windows based Meta search engine that automatically creates topics related to your searched keyword using Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA). Its uniqueness lies on how all results, topics and words are linked together based on the computation and compilations done by the LSA.