A Woman and Her Seven Children Steps Out to Embrace the Powerball Jackpot

In mid-year 2016, a woman and seven of her children had a chance to embrace victory as they won the Powerball mega-million lottery. The group of eight who were considered to be very religious and were regular church goers who had so much faith in Jesus Christ and the church doctrines as a whole. This religious family won a huge sum of $429.6 million Powerball jackpot. This was the largest jackpot lottery won in New Jersey and the sixth largest jackpot in Powerball at that time. It seems to have come about by devout faith in the christian God and a lucid dream of inspiration.

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Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán on Pexels.com

Pearlie Smith purchased the winning ticket with the lucky numbers 5, 25, 26, 44, 66 and Powerball number of 9 at a store in Trenton. She only paid $3 for the ticket. She said that her winning the Powerball lottery was by the act of divine intervention. It was God who have given them the win. It didn’t just happen by luck. She also explained that the winning numbers was revealed to her in a lucid dream before this life changing incident happened.

The family members were stunned by the fact that they were the sole winners of $429.6 million. Pearlie came forward on the 13th of May, 2016. .Her winning the lottery was the greatest shock of her life, she said, she didn’t want to believe until she found her and her children at the spotlight holding up the gigantic lottery check of almost 430 million dollars. Adjusting to life shortly after becoming a mega-millionaire overnight can be sometimes very difficult just like David Lee Edwards who won $27 million in 2001 and died broke 12 years later due to unnecessary expenses and poor management.

The smith family of Trenton chose the cash out option of $368 million before taxes which later settled at $284 million after taxes. The money was split eight ways amongst her and her children. From the onset, it was clear that this family were not ready to ever go broke again so they had the money invested by finding a way to give back to the poor and needy.

Each of the eight donated back a portion the winnings to starting up the Smith Family Foundation with the hope of improving their community and some other places in the years to come. They gave 10% of their winnings to the church and dedicated themselves to helping people. This was the largest jackpot to be won in New Jersey at that time.

Among the things the family financed was a church in Bridgeton. Jackpot Winner Pearlie Mae had already made a promise to help the church. The church was named after Mount Sinai. The Smith family (remember Smith in the Matrix by the way) also created their own foundation to sponsor cultural programs. This foundation is based in Trenton, New Jersey. They also have invested in bibles in creole for the poor people of Haiti. In Swedish Money the family invested over 5 millions for the church site in Cumberland. The Smiths have made a formidable impact on the community, giving back almost 100 million SEK the first year. They tithed 10% of their winnings to the Pentecostal church. This family is really something else…

Powerball number 9 is said to be associated with Sagittarius and religion and this really makes sense.

Two other numbers that seem especially interesting in the Smith’s case is 44 and 66 – two double digit numbers.