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 Vindoria Web Site Agreement

This agreement is for all Vindoria site including, and All these sites will be refered to as in the Document.

The Web Site (the “Site”) is an online service of myths, inspiration, fiction and fantasy provided by Vindoria (“ “), subject to your compliance with the conditions described below. Please read these terms and don’t use or any other sites if you don’t agree. If this agreement is modified these modifications are immediate. Whenever you access this site the latest disclaimer, modified or not will be effective as soon as it is posted.

First of all all laws of copyright applies, especially Scandinavian and European as well as American, Asian and Indian copyright laws. Therefore do not republish or distribute this work. This includes all the material on site. Use the information for personal gain only.

There may be other names or trademarks mentioned and those belong their respective owners where their directives apply.


The responsibility and risk for the text and use of this site is yours and no waranties are offered what so ever. Vindoria is not liable for any cost or damage arising for using the content on this site. You have to evaluate the advice, myths, inspiration and fantasies by your own judgement. You will also assume responsibility for the usefulness of any information, advice or data.

When it comes to liablity all incidental or indirect dmaages of any kind of any sort of any thinkable loss cannot and will not be attributed to any of the Vindoria blogs or sites.

You agree to hold Vindoria and all the Vindorian sites harmless and not sue Vindoria or use lawyers against VIndoria and the Vindoria websites. No courts, please. Use Vindoria for fun.

Third party rights are third party rights as usual according to International and national law.

This Agreement shall all be formed in accordance with the laws of Sweden, the Universe and the Multiverse. If any courtship should take place it should do so in Lund, Sweden.  All arguments and discussions should be performed solely, in Lund, Sweden. and the Vindorian sites may assign changes at any time without notice.

Any divine or not divine rights, any common sense or non common sense rules not directly expressed here are still reserved. May all the good forces of society and the Univerese protect and related websites.