Number 13 scores 191 million dollars

A Judge Won The $291 million Powerball Jackpot

On the 2nd of March, 2016 a Pennsylvania judge stormed the media when he acquired the mega-million lucky ticket on his trip to Florida. The Pennsylvania judge, James Stocklas, aged 62 fell upon fortunes when he went for a fishing trip with his brother and sis in law to Florida. After a long ride one month vacation, the Senior District Judge James Stocklas had enjoyed the sun and fun of Florida and was anxious to get back home to his main residence in Bethlehem. When he got home he had a few hours of sleep and little did he know that he was going to wake up a multi-millionaire.

On that faithful Friday morning, he had plans to go visit his favourite Bethlehem diner for breakfast and then decided to check the internet with his phone to see if anyone had won the massive Powerball lottery.  Lo and behold to his surprise he was the one person with the mega-million jackpot ticket. His jaw dropped when he saw that there was only one winning ticket that had been purchased in the same store where he bought his in Florida. He found out that he had won a lottery in Florida while he was in Pennsylvania. He acquired some tickets for $10 at store in Florida where he went to get some ice with two of his friends.  When he checked the numbers he couldn’t just stop shaking, he started shaking and bought everyone in the diner breakfast. The lucky numbers were 12, 13, 44, 52, 62 and Powerball 6.

James Stocklas travelled back to Florida to claim his prize in a private jet that cost him a bill of $20,000 but he never care since he was on his way to take his $291 million. He opted for a one time, lump sum payment of $191,470,307.58 after taxes. James shared his winnings with his friends who ended up with $40 million each and much of the day was a blur of signing papers. James told the court administrators that he’d be taking a break and will return to work on the 1st of April, which was not an April fool’s joke.

James used the money to help his family and set up several trust funds. He also did donate of his winning to charities. James never expected that a routine stop at a convenience store for some ice could turn around his life and that of his friends forever. However, he didn’t quit his job like most people of his age would have and he is still a senior district judge in the Northampton County.

The winning numbers that created the 191 million dollars were: 13, 44 and Powerball 6. 44 is a quadruple 11 and is the second key to the big win.

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