A Fifty Year Old Woman Steps To Claim Her Prize

Julie Leach was a Michigan factory supervisor, who quit her job on the 30th September, 2015. This day was a life-changing one for a woman who was aged 50. Her past working life before the life-turning event was considered horrible as she worked night shifts as a factory supervisor. Julia Leach from Three Rivers was a mother of three who had 11 grandchildren and was low wage earner received the shock of her life when she discovered that she had just won the mega-million Powerball lottery jackpot. She bought the ticket at a Shell station in her hometown of Three Rivers on the day of the drawing at exactly 6:30 at night when she decided to just try her luck again and this time the god of luck and blessings seemed to be just passing by. When she was about to refill her tank and she decided to get $20 worth of lottery tickets and went to work.

Julie Leach said she was having another bad night at work when she decided to go to the McDonald to have some small chops when she decided to check her lottery ticket just for the sake of checking cause she wasn’t expecting to win. And then she just discovered that her night has just turned from a bad one into a life transforming one she was overwhelmed was she found that her ticket was graced with the winning numbers. After checking the numbers and discovered that she was the person in the whole United States with the lucky ticket she said she couldn’t still believe it so she had to go back to work and confirm with a couple of people to check if she was just having some blissful illusions or if she was truly the winner.

Eventually, it turned out that she was the winner of the Powerball lottery mega-million jackpot. She took a couple of her favorite colleagues out to celebrate a little. She went back home to tell her partner Vaughn Avery, who work at a metal casing factory about the win. Because of the party she came in really late, Avery was asleep she woke him up to tell him about their victory but he thought she was kidding and replied “Please, I really need to go back to bed to get up for work” and Julian told him that he would never go to work again. Julian didn’t go to sleep for over 30 hours after discovering her windfall.

She quit her job at a fiberglass factory named Aquatic upon hearing of her victory. The lucky numbers that granted the prize were 21, 39, 40, 55, 59 and the Powerball number was 17. She claimed a onetime payment of $197 million before taxes. Julian was recorded the third Powerball winner in Michigan history, with Donald Lawson $337 million in 2012 and $128.6 million paid to Team Victory in 2010. Leach’s jackpot was the second largest of the year. She invested the money by secure lands and built her kids houses of their own.

crystal ball on body of water

Photo by Luke Miller on Pexels.com

Once again we see a relationship to water – this time the winner was working at factory named Aquatic. Also 17 is a very significant number in Sweden. It forms it’s own expression there, sometimes used as a final number. Powerball 17 is certainly notable here. As is 39 with it’s relation ship to the Journey to Oz and 55 that is five times 11 the waterbearer. The final combination however appears to be as random as ever. Obviously a few numbers makes no case for anything else than trivia.

The story about a common factory worker that hits big on the lottery is of course inspiring for many players.

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