Ignore the odds – just win

When playing the lottery you probably don’t want to know the chances of winning. The number combinations are staggering. If you do win you will have to pay a lot of taxes. However, you can use the universal force of luck, the plenum, to claim your lottery winnings. If you are 60 or older you would probably have to take the lump sum option. After all you don’t know how long you will live. After winning your lottery jackpot money you could buy a ranch like Neal Wanless or go for a quest of world improvement like the Rosenau’s couple and Nickel95. You could also make your family independent like Michigans Donald Lawson.

Lawson who won his jackpot on Powerball the 15th August 2012 had been playing for a long time. When picking the winning numbers Lawson said he was “guided from above”. He took the lump sum of over 158 million dollars after taxes.

Don’t you feel it’s time for your lottery drawing soon? Unless you have a ticket you can’t win…

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