Big Lottery Jackpot Winners 2014

A good amount of money can change lives. Money has been observed not only raise the quality or lives but also to improve the financial conditions. However, it is not easy to get significant amount of money for free. Nonetheless, you will have a tough time collecting such huge amount of money. But one or the easiest ways to get the money is to play a lottery. The jackpot lottery over the times have been known to change lives in no time. Nonetheless, you will need to pay off some amount in person chasing the tickets.

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The winners

The Megamillions and Powerball over the time has changed lives. In 2014, there were quite a number of winners who got their hands on the prices, but only there are a few who have been able to make the mark. It is necessary to stay conscious and know the tickets properly to improve the quality of lives. If it is a jackpot, you can earn millions overnight which is a really great thing. Just being a little helpful can help to change the whole amount. Some of the significant winners of the 2014 lottery jackpots were


$414 mega millions

These had to be in the mega millions winners of 2014. Two significant tickets got the title of this prize money. As to their shock, one of the winners Raymond Moyer and Robyn Collier from Merritt Island, Fla were in it shock since they had won such a huge amount. Nonetheless, the other player who won the ticket has not been named, but the ticket was purchased from La Plata.


$425.3 million

This was yet another shock for the people when the contestants in North California secured for over $423.5 million. This Powerball Jackpot was won in February 19, 2014. The winner was the retired B. Raymond Buxton who secured such a huge amount to himself. In the California lottery competition, he chose to have the cash prize. As a result, he won over $242.2 million. Mr Buxton was utterly surprised at his win and he further chose to use his money for the charitable causes. He then said after carrying the lump sum amount at his house, he will be using some money for his own travelling purposes too.

No doubt, these lottery jackpots winners have proven to be too generous over the time and have contributed most of their winnings to the charitable causes.