Big Jackpot Lottery Winners 2016

Winning a lottery is a complete matter of luck. Just by a slightest of the chance you may be able to to get ahead of the other in no time while the other person won’t have any idea of it. In fact, winning small lotteries also seem to be huge for people but the utter shock comes when people get to secure over millions of dollars. History has been a proof that most of the people have turned millionaire overnight owing to the huge sum guaranteed by the lottery jackpots such as Megamillions and Powerball. While most people are concerned of it being illegal, it is actually legal since the ones receiving the cash prizes are handed over the money after the deduction of taxes to the government.

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The winners

Like every year, in 2016 too the lottery was conducted and undoubtedly the winners were the ones who were utterly shocked of their achievements. Well, some of the prominent winners who were swept off the floor by winning such huge amounts in the lottery include the following

$1.6 billion Powerball win

This was the largest jackpot win in the history of Powerball. However, this prize money was shared among a trip. The result was declared in January 13, 2016. While two of the winners soon turned up to claim their prize immediately after the results, the third winner from the San Bernardino County took about 6 months to come forward. They had finally claimed for their prize in July 19th. John and Lisa Robinson were also among the winners. They carried home the cash sum of $327.8 million. Another winner was the couple from Florida who claimed their price through Nickel 95.

$540 million

Not much information has been available for this ticket. However, as per the statement of the lottery officials, there was only one single winning prize for this ticket number. An anonymous person had purchased the ticket from Indiana and the prize was declared in July 8, 2016.

$487 million

This is yet another massive win which cannot missed out due to the high winning prize. This prize amount was won only by one single winner. The ticket was purchased during the Saturday Powerball Jackpot as per the lottery officials. The ticket was purchased at New Hampshire.

$429.6 million

On 7th May a winner was selected from New Jersey for this massive win. As per the records, this is one of the highest recorded individual win and the single biggest winning ticket in the history. Nonetheless, the records for this lottery broke in the coming years.