Big Jackpot Lottery Winners 2015

Winning a lottery is simple but actually getting to it is hard. It is all a matter of luck and you never know Good Fortune may bestow the blessings when and on whom. Every year several of tickets are sold to the people but not all get the chance to be the standing winners. There are people who have been purchasing the tickets since a long time from 20 years and so on but get no chance or luck does not favour them. However there are such people too who get to grab the opportunity and prize amount in their first go. But not all of us are lucky enough to be so.

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Like every year, 2015 too saw some great or rather mega wins in the Megamillions and Powerball. All these were exceptional wins. Some of these were single wine while some were shared wins. In such cases most people prefer to carry the prize money and hence they are given it by deducting the tax prizes which makes it safe and legal. Most of the winners after winning it, tend to quit their jobs too.


$1.5 billion

Three people had won over this ticket and undoubtedly the winners were great. Some of the tickets that secured this major win were sold out at Chino Hills, California, Munford, Tennessee and Melbourne Beach, Florida as per the reports of the officials. The secured prize money was further divided among the people. After the declaration of the prize amount, the news was given out the state lottery officials. One of the person who sold out the ticket in Chino Hills, Balbir Atwal said that it was ‘very exciting’ to have sold out a ticket which secured such a massive win. Nonetheless, Balbir too had prize coming in his store when he received a bonus amount of $1 million just to sell the tickets. The win was secured in January 13, 2015.


$564 million

Yet again this win was secured for the Powerball. The prize money and the results were declared on 11 February, 2015. This was the second biggest win of the year in Powerball lottery jackpots. One of the winners was single mom working at Walmart from North Carolina. She had been working at different places just to afford the livelihood of her kids. One of the winning tickets remained anonymous but the purchase of the tickets were made from Puerto Rico. Another winner stood out to be Andrew Weber who claimed the prize from Texas.