Trace my Ip?

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Today I feel like Hamlet, Othello and Macbeth – all at once. Probably because I don’t know much about Shakespeare in the first place. How come Yandex and Ecosia don’t like my website Vindoria? If they don’t believe its “Victoria” they believe it’s “Vindora Utbildning” and refuse to use Vindoria as a concept. The only sites that seem to come up is TracemyIp, serch84 and 5ldshop. Is it because there is to few tweets about Vindoria perhaps? does seem to do a bit better, but is not popular at all. Ecosia and Yandex refuse this domain. Maybe it takes a Powerball jackpot to change that? I don’t think Louise White, Paul White or the rancher Neil Wanless would like to spend money on search engines though. Mikael Glaspie wanted to create a new search engine, but these days Google controls the business. I suppose Yandex is an alternative, but Ecosia seems to be similar to Bing and Yahoo and who delivers their results? The monopoly of search engines and the paradigm of the .com-domain seems to blow out of the water. This is rather expected. Not everybody can win a big lottery jackpot – it would be enough for those following to do so. Viva and good luck all you people working with manifestation techniques! Personally Neville Goddard is my new guru. What he says about feeling has made me get the feeling for what Vindoria really is about. It’s the final solution. It’s my definition of personal manifestation and magnetism. It’s my XYZ of manifestation.

However, IP-number seems to be more important than content these days.

To be IP-traced or not be IP-traced- that is the question. Please, William Shakespeare would have loved the XYZ-domain! And he would have supported Vindoria. So get out of my way Victoria, Vindoria is as good as it gets.