Major American Lotto Jackpots

Be a proud Goblin and go for the money…


abundance bank banking banknotes
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There is money in the American Society. Goblin-amounts of money. Let’s take five jackpots and add them up. We will reach a staggering amount of money. It’s more than you can ever spend. It’s a generational shift. It’s a tidal wave. And it’s a lot of tax to be collected so the greatest winners of them all is of course the Tax Office in the Government. They ALWAYS win big money whenever there is a jackpot – and the Tax Office don’t even buy a ticket.

$488.4 million – August 7th 2013
$559.7 million – January 6th 2018
$564.1 million – February 11th 2015
$587.5 million – November 28th 2012
$687.8 million – October 27th 2018

Okay, time to speak to the ghost and the goblins of big mooney to get your piece of the pie. WINDORIA!

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