European Big Wins

The odds are against the player who reaches out for a big lottery win.

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To win big is the ultimate dream, wish and goal of millions of followers to the Law of Attraction. Even if the rational sceptic believes that people like Rhonda Byrne and Joe Vitale are more interested in media franchising – dreamers tune into the law of frequency and vibration. However, the number of lottery jackpots are limited and if thousands of manifesters actually won then the pot wouldn’t be so high. If psychics could see the winning numbers then all of them would win and the prices for winning would be low.

So.. quite frankly it seems that chaos-theory and randomness wins the day. Any true matematician mocks lottery players. We how still want to play should know that the odds are against us, big time. The more you play the more you win according to Richard Lustig, and that’s obviously true. However equally true is that the more you play the more you pay – buying those tickets will cost you.


February Friday – Enormous Win £77,798,898

Juny Friday – Very Big Win £34,972,315

November Friday – Very Big Win £26,009,712

October Friday – Sensational Win £170,810,000