Winners in Africa

Big Lotto Winners in Africa (including Nigeria and South-Africa)

In the philosophy of New Thinking, the law of attraction has to do with the belief that when people focus on the right or wrong thoughts, they can bring the right or wrong situations into their lives.

The law is based on the belief that people and their thoughts are both made of pure energy and that through the process of the same energy that attracts as energy, an individual can make better their own wealth, health, and relationships.

This law applies to every aspect of our lives, including lotto winning.

An engineer from the state of Edo in Nigeria, Sidney Osahon, 35, who won a lottery, said his landlady almost ejected his family almost hours before the lottery win.

Oshahon said he had been threatened by his landlady on his way to receive the prize. He said his landlady threatened his family before receiving a call from the lotto company.

According to him, “We could not pay for our rent and we were almost ejected from our house.

Osahon revealed that from the beginning in June 2017 he had played a Lottery, but now he was just lucky.

“While watching the jackpot last Sunday, I saw my ticket number and broke down in tears when I saw my ticket number. I prayed to God that I was tired of the embarrassment of the rent.

“It is like a dream, but I live that dream, I say a big thank you to the Lottery organisers, you’ve changed my life forever, now I’m a landlord,” he said.

In his address, the Managing Director of the National Lottery, said the lottery prize of N20m sponsored by available records is arguably the largest in the history of the lottery in Nigeria

He added that after 29 weekly rollover games, a winner came up with the National Jackpot N20m Bonanza.

“Today we are brave to inform you that so many millionaires have arisen in this haughty venture to give something back to society through lotteries and good causes.

He noted that the bonanza was designed to reward all loyal players who trust the company and have identified with it since its inception in June 2017.

Another big lotto winner is a father of five from the Eastern Cape in South Africa. He said he kept his ticket in a package in the pocket of one of his shirts. This was for safekeeping until he could claim his prize.

The new multi-millionaire, who won the live televised draw, said at the time: “I’m currently working as a security guard at a national retailer, and when I’m not at work, I usually take odd jobs just for the extra money Without a doubt this money will make a big difference in my life, if people ask me where it comes from, I’ll be honest – I won the lottery because I’m an avid player “.

From the previous stories it could be that these big winners unconsciously pulled these big profits into their lives.

The more time you spend to learn how to effectively use the law of attraction, the more rewarding and fulfilling your life will be. Open your mind and enjoy the natural fullness of the universe.