According to the Department of Engineering Sciences, “Student Nightly Science,” beliefs, thoughts, and intentions affect the physical world. “Nautical scientists believe that traditional science is focused on external observation, and the goal is to evaluate, measure and experiment, another way to gain knowledge – subjectively or internally, with instinct, intuition and robber, or they They can not prove to be “rational”, but they are considered realistic. “Nautica tries to achieve a scientific goal, to study personal experiences so that the consciousness can influence the physical world.

Nautic (from the Greek word “mental”) is understood as parapsychology, spiritual philosophy and New Age thinking. It is an attempt to establish a connection between the human brain and the physical universe. It seeks to discover the power and source of human intelligence in which thoughts produce physical effects.

Nautics includes telepathy, telekinesis, accuracy and self-treatment. Despite extensive research in these areas, where they have proven the best of the worst and most stories, people continue to gain knowledge through them. It’s a little more than the ancient practice of aortism, looking for a bigger secret than the Bible, but has a mysterious, high level of existence.

Man has always sought to gain the knowledge that God has proclaimed through his word. The apostle Paul warned that proclaiming the Word would not be enough for those who want to learn superstition. “The time is coming when people can not endure healthy learning, but when they dress their ears, they will gather their own passions for teachers, and they will not hear the truth and walk in myths.” Additional biblical insightful teachers will always be with us. Noatic “scientist” proves that it is true.

The philosophy of the Christian world is based on the truth in the Word of God: “Holy Articles that you can change in faith in Christ Jesus.” In our words, God already has given us everything we need to be “perfect for every good work.” That is why Christians do not have to intervene, or there is no reason to give credibility, including a spiritual pseudoscience, nectar.


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Does the law of attraction work? What’s the secret?

The act of attraction is based on the movement of “new thinking,” which teaches that man can motivate the soul, the soul of God, and all and the thoughts of our soul to fulfill our desires. New ideas learn consciously or unconsciously for good or bad, our thoughts and beliefs determine reality. Our physical condition, including health, success and wealth, is a direct result of what we expect. When we’re sick, it’s because our thoughts are unhealthy. If we are rich, it is because we think we should be. Both secular and religious movements have adopted a new idea.


Is there a force in positive thinking?

Positive thinking is a popular self-help concept that can refer to an optimistic approach or an attempt to preserve things. Later, the idea is that if you think something important, it will be. There is no Bible qualification in this theory. People can not get results from the thought. No, God does miracles in response to a believer. In addition, a person’s expectations for a situation affect the performance and the evaluation of the situation. Our thoughts, however, do not affect our world; In the first definition of God with an optimistic attitude, the validity of the Bible is great.


Science against the trust

Faith in God and belief in science will never conflict if God really exists and is the creation of the universe. If God is the Creator of the universe and he has sufficient evidence that he is, then science is only a system of knowledge or knowledge that encompasses the universal truth of his creation. If God does not exist, faith and science will contradict him, because science is the search for facts about the universe. But with faith, science can be one of our greatest forms of worship.