LOA and Cynthia

Law of attraction and the story of Cynthia Stafford

Would you believe me if I tell you that law of attraction can actually help you in winning your dream life? Would you believe me if I tell you that it can actually help you to be millionaire or “mega-millionaire?” Well, what if I say that someone actually became a millionaire or I should use the term “mega-millionaire” in just four months using the law of Attraction. Well yes you read that absolutely right, I know the person, actually the world knows her. Here is the story of a multi-millionaire girl who believed in The Law of Attraction. This is the story of Cynthia Stafford.

Cynthia Stafford was an average black person who had big dreams and nothing more than that on her name. But her power of dreams and belief was worth every penny she earned. She learned about The Law of Attraction and thought of giving it a try. But it wasn’t that easy as she failed many times before earning a fortune. It was after 2007 that she decided the number she wanted to achieve, it was a huge amount not some millions but $112 million. I know, you would be thinking of her as a fool or a day dreamer but that is not what happened in her case. She was determined that she had to win $112 million no matter what. She decide to focus her mind on none other than achieving her goal. In next 4 months she would be doing nothing but writing the amount hundreds and thousands of time on a piece of paper just so that she could keep her focus on her dreams. In fact she used to keep repeating that amount in her min while meditating and thinking all day. She would even think of her life after winning that amount, like her dream house and dream car. And also what she would do with that money, she would think of donating huge amounts and becoming a philanthropist and the list goes on. But do you know what happened? After 4 months of seeing herself winning the lottery and what she would do with the prize, Stafford won the “California Mega Millions” in May 2007. Can you guess the value of the prize? 112 million dollars. Yes ladies and gentlemen she won the same amount she had been thinking about for months.

“You must assume the feeling of desire until your pretension has all the sensuous vivacity of your reality. You must imagine that you are already experiencing this that you desire. That is, you must assume the feeling of total fulfilment of your desire until you are possessed by it and this feeling draws all other ideas out of your consciousness. “-

Neville Goddard

After she earned $ 112 million, Cynthia Stafford gave a great part of the cash she got. She gave 1 million dollars to a Geffen Playhouse kids’ crafts program. She wound up one of the biggest humanitarians in the city of Los Angeles in the USA.

You would be thinking, how is that possible? Well let’s have opinion of expert…

The conviction that our contemplations make our existence was depicted quite a while prior. The most punctual records go back to Scriptural occasions – ‘Ask and ye shall get.’ Hundreds of years after the fact, there are innumerable distributions regarding this matter. Furthermore, Rhonda Byrne’s ‘The Secret’ is only one to be cited. What do these books share for all intents and purpose? Lessons to keep our brains constructive in all that we do and with this little run, we pull in fascinating individuals and achievement in our lives. Energy is a valuable apparatus that causes us shape our way. Being hopeful and discharging positive vibrations enables us to control our fate. To dream hard additionally prompts constancy and, therefore, to states of mind. With this, we swing to all that we need. ‘Man is the result of his thoughts. What he thinks he becomes. ‘Thus Neil Trotter, Cynthia Stafford, and Marcelo did it! They stayed hopeful and imagined their future tycoons. Also, by deduction decidedly and trusting that their numbers would be drawn, they turned into the result of their own considerations.

So what should you do to achieve your dream?

Imagining about a future tycoon makes you not abandon your fantasies, which prompts activities with the goal that they can be figured it out. What’s more, playing the lottery is a key advance in that adventure. All things considered, to win, you should initially wager.

At that point it is just to give confidence a chance to deal with its inside. Envision yourself as a mogul, rationally develop the picture of the house in your fantasies, of the coveted way of life and keep it all in your psyche.

Did you feel that flood of euphoria rules your body at this moment? Better believe it, without you seeing a torrential slide of nerve signals happened in your mind. Memory records were looked, and like a flash, the picture of your fantasy home or the coveted future flew into your brain.

You more likely than not felt the will to achieve such a goal, no? What’s more, it is with this longing to overcome a superior future that you as of now walk most of the way to accomplishment in pulling in great things into your life. There remains a little measurements of determination with the goal that one day everything you could ever hope for will be come to.

Also, for those prepared to try those lessons. Trust that this honour can be yours! Who knows before the landing of 2020, everything you could ever hope for will be satisfied.