Big winners in Ohio

The Biggest Lottowinners in Ohio

Do you want to be a lucky lotto winner and change your life drastically?

Your life can change completely by winning one of the biggest lotteries, but when you are the top winner in your state, that means no one has won more money than you in your city.

Winning the lottery is one in a million times, but what about when winners net more than $270.000.000? That’s lots of money, more than you can even spend.

Look sweet and probably the best news you can get right now.

Do you want to know who the biggest lotto winners in Ohio were?

Let’s take a look:

  1. The lottery contest that has pay off the highest amount of money in a single contest is one that took place back in February 2006. It was claimed by Mark M. Mockensturm and won a staggering amount of 000.000 million dollars thanks to M & H Blind Trust.
  2. The frequent lotto winner of all time is a woman called Barbara Grande, with a netting of more than $5.000.000 and she is living is Cincinnati. What is more interesting is the fact she has won the lottery more than 63 times!
  3. The second lotto winner is called Neil Weiner, having won $239,500. This man from Cincinnati has won the lottery 54 times.
  4. The third winner is also from Cincinnati, and his name is Jr Earl Carter. His share amount is $212,500 and he has won the lottery 51 times.

Probably Ohio has one of the longest lists of lotto winners compared to other states.  I don’t why, but I want to move to Cincinnati and try to win one of these lotteries.