Big Lottowinners 2009


Playing the lottery is an ideal thing and every one of us eager to win. Everyone tries to plan and follow unique ideas to win the biggest lottery amount. They are the luckiest people who won big lotto, and we have the record of all of them. If you particularly talk about the winners of any special year, then 2009 attracts our attention. There is an extensive list of lotto winners in 2009. All of them were very much excited and interested to win, and these were the cause they won. In this article, we will inform you the complete details of the top 3 winners of the year 2009.

There were more than 52 lottery events in the United States each week of the year 2009. Each event had multiple games to play, and a lot of people tried their luck. Many of them won the big lotto price, and now they are just enjoying their life. According to a survey, there are more than 10000000 winners in only US. This figure will help you to know the popularity of lottery and different lotto games all across the world. It means you can also give a try to your luck, your interest, and passion. It is all about how much you are willing and how much you are sincere with yourself. Let’s read the details and interesting facts about the five biggest lotto winners in 2009.


Jimmy Groves

Jimmy Groves is the great winner who won $168 million. He was a Madison Square Garden laborer and won such a big prize. This all was due to the interest and try. He became the city’s new millions winner. He will receive $4 million every year for 26 years continuously. According to Jimmy Groves, he played the lottery with firm confidence, and he just picked a number arbitrary. He also said that he was very excited to win the big lotto and he informed he had won the lottery to his mom first of all. Now he is enjoying his life and feeling proud to win fourth-largest lottery payout in North American history.


Neal Wanless

Neal Wanless is another name who won the big lotto. He was a young cowboy from Todd County, South Dakota who won $232 million Powerball jackpot. Everyone around him praised him and wished him all the best with his good fortune. When he won the big lotto in 2009, he was 23 years old. He believes that it was his good luck and desire to win the lotto which helped him to win $232 million.


Shaw Mc Bride

Shaw McBride won $318 million lottery in 2009. He said he is the luckiest person of this world. He planned well to spend his dollars in the most appropriate way. He helped others to make their homes and give a big amount of money to poor people to help them. He said you just have to be calm and try to connect with God following His orders.