Big Lotto Winners 2012


Every New Year comes with new surprises for every person but not everyone is so lucky to get an extremely big jackpot. Here we are talking about the lotteries that can give you a big reward in the coming time. There are many people who got their lives changed because of the large amount of lottery cash that they won from a lotto game or ticket. It is an unbelievable thing that a cheap ticket can bring mega money surprise for you. In this article we let you know about the big lotto winners of 2012.

Brandon Bridges:

He is a young man from Orange Groves who won a mega jackpot of $250,000 from the mega million tickets of the lottery. There was a misunderstanding created when they read the number, but it was later cleared by his wife. The ticket has the same pattern of numbers as mentioned on the list of winners. They are living a happy life with this huge money in their hands.

Graden Bass:

This old man is another big lotto winner of 2012 who won a prize of $200,000 from the $200 million lottery ticket. He was a lotto player from a long time and decided to buy this ticket after watching the $100 million Powerball jackpot offer. But he doesn’t know that it really brings a surprise to him and it did for him. He said he visited the church and then got the result list of Powerball jackpot in which he found the number matching to his ticket. It was amazing to see the same numbers on the winner’s list. He says that if you want to win than keep on playing regularly if not daily as like him.

Tiffany Grave:

The lady won the prize of worth $1 million form a scratch card game named Extreme cash blast. This really brings a blast of money for her, she said her husband suggested her to quit this game but he didn’t. This move on is because the big jackpot is waiting for her, and it changed her husband’s opinion about playing the scratch games.

Ricky Henderson:

Ricky won the last fourth one million prizes from the maximum million scratch games. He said that he didn’t believe it until they gave him a check of money clearing his winning. He is a single father and playing this game for a long time. He had decided to use this money for buying a home and on his daughter and old mother.