Big Lotto Winners 2011


The year 2011 was also a lucky year for some lucky persons because they won amazing jackpots. The jackpots are related to huge money amounts that they won with a small lottery ticket. They buy the tickets as they regularly do, but not aware of the surprises hidden for them. They got shocked for a while when they came to know about the massive winnings.  In this article, we are going to introduce some big lotto winners who won big prizes in the year 2011. The prices are different for different persons. Let’s have look on the persons and their winnings:

Henry G Davila:

He is a senior citizen from Spring and the winner of biggest jackpot in the year 2011. He won the large amount of $200,000 from a Powerball game ticket. Henry said that he bought the ticket and forgot but when he saw the number in the newspaper it was unbelievable for him. He was just hanged for a while as because it is a really big winning for him. Henry revealed that he was playing the game form its starting day and it was his favorite. He had a strong belief that one day the game brings this lucky day to him and his believe comes true. He bought a car for his daughter with this amount, who was coming for the fall holidays.

Melanie V. Zavala:

She is a lucky lady from San Antonio and his brother divided the scratch cards as he usually does. It was the lucky day of Melanie and she got a prize of $1,040,000 which was really a big winning for her. It was just like a surprise that her brother brought to her home with his visit. For one time she thought that it is a dream and not reality but later she believed that, and shared the prize with her parents and family.

Marlon J. Boyd:

He got the winning form the scratch card games that are of worth $100,000 and he was really excited. He said that his excitements had no limits when he got the news of his winning. He started jumping and dancing in the shop with his ticket. He thanked the god for this extreme blessing and used the money for helping his family and also bought a new car.

This is a list of 3 big lotto winners that won mega prizes in 2011 and achieved their dreams. They were really luckiest persons and the year has gone luckily for them.