Big Lotto Winners 2010


The lottery industry is really wide and becoming more wider with the passing years. The trend of scratch card lottery games and buying lotto tickets is increasing day by day. There are new persons are detected in each year who won really big prices from the lottery. They buy a lottery ticket with just a small amount that open the treasure for them. The lottery scratches act as the key to the treasure of luck, full of big money amounts. The winners are listed in newspapers, magazines and on the websites of the lottery for revealing their success to the public. This also helps in the advertisement of the lottery companies from which they buy the winning tickets. Let us discuss some big lotto winners from 2010 who won big amounts.

William Kiefer:

This person is considered as the biggest winner of the lottery in the year 2010. He purchased a lottery ticket that opens a way to a grand jackpot and he became the millionaire. Kiefer won the biggest ever price of $144 million which is a mega million winning of 2010.

Raymond D Bigham:

He is another big lotto winner from Rio Vista who won a handsome jackpot of $25, 00,000 from the last roll of lottery tickets. He is a routine player of Daily Four game in which he won $2400 but this great winning increased his love with lotteries. He wisely used this money for paying off a debt on the property of his parents. He said that the saved money amount is for the dream bike Harley Davidson that he wants to buy from a long time. The dreams come true because of this big lotto winning and he is really thankful to the company.

Jon Angell:

He is the lottery game lover from Hondo who is playing these games from his earlier age. He purchased this winning ticket as usual but after scratching his instant Powerball ticket he was shocked. This was the top instant winning of $ 100,000 that is really a massive jackpot of his life. He said that he kept staring on the card for up to five minutes as it seems to be unbelievable for him. But it’s true and he was the winner of $100,000 that can change his life. He is a regular buyer of the lottery but this winning became a big reason for the future purchases.

So these are the winners of big lotto who won massive jackpots in 2010 and entitled with a tag of big lotto winners.