Big Lotto Winners 2008

Winning a lottery is an easy task because it depends on your luck. Not all peoples are lucky to be a millionaire without huge hard work. It is possible only when you win are grand lottery price and seems to be so lucky for having a bulk of the money. There are many luckiest people who won the mega jackpots that changed their life in just one night and with a small lottery ticket. Some of them are the youngest one and some are older. Here in this context, we will define the life of big lotto winners from the year 2008 who had won the really large amounts of cash with the lottery.

Lanthe Fullagar

She was only 18 years old when she got a chance to win £7 million from the euro millions company into 2008. She was the owner of the ticket that matches all its numbers with the lucky price ticket and also one lucky star added on her ticket. Before the winning, she was a waitress who was working in £4.75 for an hour. Then she purchased her lottery ticket that added her name into the list of big lotto winners of 2008. There is the fun thing added with her name that she kept her lottery ticket hidden into the Bra until she claimed the jackpot. She was considered as the 27th richest young lady in the United Kingdom because of her big lotto win.

Leonard Hughes:

A retired man from UPS won lotto of 1 million when he scratched his lottery ticket in the shop. The shop scanned his scratch card and told him to go to the claim center for having his big lotto price of $1 million. Hughes doesn’t believe that he had really won a jackpot until his ticket is scanned.

Lorene Baker:

Lorene and her husband played the kings tut treasure in Texas lottery and won a price of $50,000. Before they won price, they play the scratch card games normally just for fun. It was the 1st time when they played it for a treasure and they are lucky to win a grand prize.

James Hahn:

It is a man who always makes a joke on his wife that he won a mega jackpot. But it is the luck of James that he really won the price of $20,000 while playing the scratch card games from Texas lottery. His family does not believe that James is saying the truth because of his lottery jokes.

So these are some lucky big lotto winners of 2008 who are living their life peacefully.